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"Dialogue of Texts is organized set of texts cross-referenced on basis of arguments. Each dialogue has set of "points", and each text is broken into sections, that refer
to these points. Dialogue can be presented to user in following ways:
* One text at a time, annotated with links to relevant "points"
* As list of "points", with references to places in each text where these points are discussed * As interleaving texts, for cases where arguing texts are organized similarly enough for that to make sense."

A text in DoT can be just a one line saying. Hence, set of points, although sounds reasonable, can be an optional feature and probably for a next uu version. I don't see it a critical necessity.

Even a large chunk of text is not necessary to be broken in sections. We can think about this possibility as optional one.

I think DoT is presented:
1. First of all, by its contents, each line-link consisting of: Piece Title, Title of the work it was taken from, Author's name, Presenter's name (almost like in a traditional collection) 2. Then each text, when we go there, is accompanied by "Links To" (see specs)

I believe it is quite enough to serve the original idea.


Anatoly Volynets, Co-Founder

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