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Re: UMO editing

Леша, я в Калифорнии (отвечаю сразу на два письма). Если по скайпу, я могу в любое время, кроме субботы (еврейской субботы, сейчас, в моей местности, примерно с 18:30 пятницы до 19:30 субботы). Просто напиши, когда мне быть на связи, если это возможно, примерно с 10-ти утра до 10-ти вечера (по Калифорнии). Если невозможно в этих пределах -- раздвинем (опять же, кроме субботы ;)

On 10/08/2013 04:43 PM, Alexey Parshin wrote:
Помилуйте, батенька! Мне, чтобы это вспомнить - надо прочитать вагон. Давай
поговорим сначала о перспективах..

On 9 October 2013 10:36, Anatoly Volynets <av@total-knowledge.com> wrote:

Just checking whether the list functions or not--that kind of things have
become an ongoing problem in Total Knowledge.

On 03/07/2009 04:46 PM, Alexey Parshin wrote:

I need to clarify some things in UMO editing cycle. Currently, the editing
cycle includes:

1) Creating a UMO version:

     - Creator becomes an author
     - Default Editors and Admins groups are created, and populated with

     corresponding group members from proto-UMO
     - Called version policy procedure
     - Attached all child UMO as in proto-UMO
     - Duplicated content records from proto-UMO
     - Duplicated property records from proto-UMO
     - *Needs correction:* The other groups from proto-UMO are granted the

     same access to new UMO version as in proto-UMO
     - In UMO base, new version is registered as latest UMO version (don't

     this latest published UMO version)

2) Editing an unpublished UMO

3) Publishing a UMO

     - UMO version is marked as published
     - Executed version policy action
     - In UMO base, new version is registered as latest published UMO
     - Global group 'Public' is granted View access

The following modifications of these items are already suggested:
1) Creating a UMO version:

     - Only groups without 'Study' access should be reconnected

3) Publishing a UMO:

     - User that published UMO should be stored in UMO version as publisher

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