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Re: Problems with umo_create

That probably means one gets called where the other one should.
In the version of UU I set up locally, when I try to create any kind
of UMO through the interface, I get an error

Object type (1) is invalid

Alexey Parshin wrote:
> AFAIK, there are two versions of umo_create. One expects object type id, the
> othe one expects object type name.
> 2008/11/7 Alexey Parshin <alexeyp@gmail.com>
>> Can you point to the place in C++ code?
>> 2008/11/7 Ilya A. Volynets-Evenbakh <ilya@total-knowledge.com>
>> There seems to be a discrepancy in what umo_create expects
>>> and what it is given as first argument.
>>> C++ passes it object type ID, and the function expects object type
>>> name.
>>> At least that's the way things are in current SVN.
>>>    Ilya.

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