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Re: Questions

Alexey Parshin wrote:
Ok, I just refreshed my memory on the subject reading this archive.

Here are the questions that are still not answered.

It's more or less clear now that subscription order for a course
should create a set of ACL records upon order close. When the order is
closing - we grant every UMO in course to the person that owns the
Now, this creates a couple of questions.

1) It seems to me that requires ACL records having start date and end
date. The current access_control_list table and related functions
don't support it.
Hmmm. True, we might want that. It should be optional though
(storing NULL in end date field means ACL is indefinite).
Study access length should be a setting in the course table.

2) Creating ACL records to all the course' UMOs gives student STUDY
access. However, how do we check if all the course UMOs are passed?
Walking the UMO tree is expensive, and will create a problem if a UMO
was added to course since a student subscribed to it. Walking the
student's ACL grouping UMOs by TLT is also expensive :(
Well - that is exactly the reason we sign up to all objects in a course
(and not only that - to specific versions thereof). Any changes to the
course (non-minor edits at least) are not seen by a student after he
signed up.

We might want to add a procedure to update a signed up student to
a new course version.
However, it is optional, and will be a post-1.0 matter.

And finally, to speed up walking UMO tree for checking, we can
store course id in "study" ACLs, in addition to UMO id.

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