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Some questions

1) The .csp files contain a lot of bad HTML, like:

<font face=Courier size=2><A HREF="" 1 (359 points)</A></font><br>
<font face=Courier size=2><A HREF="" StudentView.html">Student 2 (412 points)</A></font><br>
<font face=Courier size=2><A HREF="" 3 (87 points)</A></font><br>
<font face=Courier size=2><A HREF="" StudentView.html">Student 4 (210 points)</A></font><br>

This, IMHO, should be define through stylesheets. Is it a practical reason for such design?

2) The fragment below uses several types of "<%". What's the reason for not using just "<%" (besides import)? Is there a documentation on these tags?

<%@ page import="libui/UuServlet.h"%>
<%# using namespace std; %>
<%! typedef shared_ptr<CUserSession> user_t; %>
  user_t user;
  HttpSession* session = request.getSession(false);
  if (session && session->hasAttribute("user_session")) {
    user = static_pointer_cast<CUserSession>((session->getAttribute("user_session")));
    isLoggedIn = true;

3) The request has methods like hasAttribute(), getAttribute(), etc.. Is there a way to remove an attribute, or I just set it to NULL?

Alexey Parshin,

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