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Re: UU database: problem tables

Alexey Parshin wrote:
> Actually,
> I expected that single problem may be  offered to many students, and
> every student may have personal solution with personal access and
> personal status.
That is correct. However, status is not part of ACL entry. That is why
they have to be separate
tables. Basically status may stay ( i.e. for scoring purposes) even after
student loses any access
to the problem.
Interesting. In this case,
1) The present structure, one problem -> many solutions(one per person or even many per person) is correct, isn't it? Please, confirm.
2) Status isn't a part of the access and  may stay even after a person lost the access to the object. It may be: not started, working on, completed, failed.. Status may be a part of ACL only because it's convenient - we don't have to create a separate set of status tables for topic, problem, course etc..

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