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Re: Database schema [was: UU tools]

There is another way - every time someone "passes" an object (meaning of
"pass" depends
on object type), there is a trail record left. I.E. if student solves a
problem - there is a record
in some table (user_problem_solutions?) that indicates when he solved
it, what his answer was,
what his score was, etc.

If someone passes a course, he also leaves such a trail. He just loses
access permissions once
he is done, and is not signed up any more.

Alexey Parshin wrote:
> Does it mean - we can always connect course and student through an ACL
> _only_? I.e. course_list_acl is the only connection between course and
> student? :
> Something like:
> FROM person_list, course_list, course_list_acl
>    pl_id = cla_person
>    AND
>    cl_id = cla_course
> (assuming that cla_* are the fields from course_list_acl)

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