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Hi All! We are up to do final touches to specifications. Please find below a concept in discussion. All of it is in question.

2.13 Dialogue of Texts

An UMO of the course level, that is a course independent objects. They are classical texts or compilations of or excerpts or compilations of excerpts from classical texts, collected on any basis. The best guideline for these collections is their contradictory contents which aims to provoke thinking.

2.13.1 Necessary Features
  • Basis for collection
  • Creator - the person to start the collection
2.13.2 Optional Features

Texts in

2.14 Text In
  • Features
    • Presenter
    • Author
    • Number, starting with 1, incrementing by 1
    • Links to all related texts in the Dialogue

Link to is an UMO

2.14.1 Link To

It is an object featuring:

  • Two linked texts
  • Their relationship, such as:
    • Contradicts
    • Develops
    • Complements
    • Repeats
    • Mocks
    • Custom

Anatoly Volynets, Co-Founder

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