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UU wiki vs. list

First of all, thanks for getting some work on Wiki done!
I don't feel like I'm all alone any more ;-)

Now, there is one thing we need to make sure: not to mix up
roles of the wiki and the list. The wiki is for specifications,
the list is for discussion. I.E. if you have a question, or want to
discuss some feature, send mail to the list, don't put the question
in the wiki text. Only once it's discussed here, and decision is made,
write it down in the wiki. Only exception is something we can't
decide on. In this case, after discussion here, we can put down all
the possibilites, questions, etc. in the wiki text, and make a decision
later on, when we get to implementing it. But even in that case, no
code will go into main tree untill wiki is adjusted accordingly.

I think we should make it general policy for the whole project:
Any changes go through this process:
1. Discussed on the list.
2. Written down in the wiki.
3. Coded.

This will ensure that every feature is well thought out and documented.

Ilya A. Volynets-Evenbakh
Total Knowledge. CTO

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