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Connect Oracle and WWW through Apache Web Server

MOD_PLSQL is Apache module that allows you to create Web Applications using Oracle stored procedures. The module works like Oracle PL/SQL cartridge from Oracle Application Server 3.0

Key features of the module are:

Use mod_plsql as you like, and if you have any questions/problems/bug reports/bug fixes feel free to contact me at

Also check out our Application Server Framework for writing C++ Servlets.

Latest stable version: 0.3.15
See ChangeLog for more information.

For brave of heart, latest development sources can be checked out from subversion using svn co

Next version is currently under development. It will support latest APIs from Oracle, and will work with apache2 and lighttpd. The plan is to implement it using CPPSERV. This will give a lot of extra efficiency, as well as some interesting possibilities, like storing session data in PL/SQL package variables.

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