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Kismet fixes

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Kismet is a great monitoring and analysis tool for 802.11 (WiFi) networks. While integrating it into our own wireless security products, we came up with some patches and extensions to Kismet. This page is the primary distribution point for these extensions.


Patch Description Status
ppi_format_fix.diff Fixes alignment of PPI data structure, so that on-disk format is correct Applied to kismet trunk (r2956)
find_source_by_name.diff Adds a function to find a previously defined source by its name. Useful for plugins, which need to have their own config associated with packet sources. Applied to kismet trunk (r2957)
net-server-api.diff This patch adds EnableServer as a virtual to base NetworkServer class,so that protocol frameworks do not need to explicitly casttheir netserver member. Applied to kismet trunk (r2979)
remove-dump-file-fix.diff Fix for something that looks like copy-paste gone wrong. Applied to kismet trunk (r2980)
remove-tcpserver-merge-set.diff Remove TcpServer::MergeSet function Applied to kismet trunk (r2980)
server-framework-is-not-pollable.diff There is no need to derive ServerFramework from Pollable Applied to kismet trunk (r2981)
unix-domain-server.diff This patch adds support for Unix-domain socket based listener to kismet Applied with modifications to trunk (r2983)

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