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Application server with Java Servlet-like API

CPPSERV is a web application server that provides Servlet-like API and JSP-like functionality to C++ programmers. It consists of stand-alone daemon, listening on TCP or Unix-domain socket for requests from web server, and web server module. Currently apache-2.0.x and ligttpd are supported.

CSP (C++ Server pages), the JSP equivalent for CPPSERV, are currently implemented as a precompiler that converts CSP source to C++ source of a servlet, which, in turn needs to be compiled into CPPSERV servlet. In other words - no run-time compilation/updates. This greatly simplifies the system, avoids long "first-time access" delay, and avoids dependency on compiler and header files on the server.

Current CSP implementation supports basic parsing, as well as compile-time taglibs. There is infrastructure for adding run-time taglib support, which will behave just like JSP taglibs, but no actual support yet.

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